Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance

Caractère  was born from a  charcoal line moving  freely on paper, as a drawing, the line describes the movements of a hand gesture, imperfect and at times disobedient. The sketches were then translated in beautiful three dimensional objects, keeping the irregular contours of the outline faithful to the original drawings.

The gesture is always present in the collection, from the concept to the production process giving the pieces a strong physical presence.  The imperfections adds character to the collection and perfectly resonates the fragile equilibrium between the living ceramic material and the manufacturing.

La Source

Jasper Morisson is recognized as one of the leading designers of the 21st century and the simplicity and efficiency of his work do not leave much room for interpretation.
So I tried to make the product more complicated, make it heavier and strip away its functions.  This is unashamedly provocative, in a way the opposite of design, but in my mind an approach which questions the limits of this discipline.


The large soft seat and the petal back of the Peter Pan chair embodies the joyful and playful side of design, invoking the name. Peter Pan is a free spirited young boy who can fly and never grows up. The overall form of the chair enhances comfort above all else, designed to emulate  the way we want to rest. The softness is visible, and the design of the petal back makes the chair versatile and fresh.

NDL Editions

It takes knowledge, control and a good dose of instinct to ride waves. The control of water is also essential in watercolour techniques where fading looks so effortless and so poetic. Aqua is designed for the waves.