Ceccotti Collezioni

A continuous line unrolls in a chair, giving shape to the design by following itself in its rounded trajectory, just like the number eight.

Bernhardt Design

The back of the chair unveils itself first and the straight ridges linking the chair's feet to its back give the piece a sense of stability and strength. Corvo reveals in each angle, facet and curve different wood thicknesses. It is made entirely by hand.

Paco Rabanne

A  base of white wood, amber and patchouli with blood mandarin and spice enclosed in in a bottle that resembles the Regent diamond, the most beautiful and the purest diamond in the world. Vibrations and contrasts in the notes of the perfume echo the facets of the diamond bottle.


Derby goes back to the heritage of saddles, to craftsmanship and solitary getaways. The armchair, upholstered in saddle leather - which incorporates the supple richness of full grain leather - uses traditional materials and techniques to mirror the passage of time.